More Than Just Socializing

As someone who never engaged much with social media and missed out on many trends, initially finding meaningful connections in the Bitcoin space was challenging. Not many people from the Bitcoin space are on LinkedIn.

Personally, I always found Twitter overwhelming. While there are numerous opportunities and countless people to follow, it's difficult to directly contact them. Until now, I had only made valuable contacts at in-person conferences. That changed when I discovered an app called the Orange Pill App.

The Orange Pill App is more than a hangout for Bitcoiners. It's a place for business, networking, and growth. Unlike other platforms with casual Bitcoin chats, this app offers something unique.

Changing the Game in Bitcoin Networking

The social network might change how Bitcoiner do business. Here's how I've used OPA for our company, App-Learning, and our product, Simple Bitcoin App:

1. Understanding Bitcoin Business

The app serves as a hub for learning about Bitcoin. If you ever have a Bitcoin-related question, chances are someone within the network has the answer. For example, when I was traveling abroad and wanted to connect with Bitcoin professionals, the app came to the rescue. It facilitated my search and enabled me to connect with them, leading to invaluable insights like finding a Bitcoiner co-working space and what Meetups are good. It's a place where genuine curiosity is met with enthusiasm and engagement!

2. Getting User Feedback

Understanding user preferences is crucial for businesses. Within the app, you have the opportunity to inquire about users' Bitcoin preferences and concerns. Their feedback has played a pivotal role in shaping our product decisions.

3. Testing New Products

Before launching a Bitcoin product, OPA serves as an excellent platform for identifying testers and gathering feedback. Bitcoin enthusiasts are often eager to contribute, and if your product holds promise for them, OPA is an ideal space to connect with such individuals.

4. Connecting with Investors

We leveraged OPA to identify potential investors, and it led us to Simon Smith, one of our Angel Investors. Our initial conversation revolved around his projects, and as we got to know each other, I shared details about our fundraising efforts. Now, Simon is an invaluable member of our board!

5. Building Business Partnerships

The app is an ideal platform for discovering potential business partners. Our partnership with 21Lectures, a Bitcoin training program, originated from a simple chat with one of its founders, Alain Imhof. Since then, we've cultivated a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to thrive.

Low Cost, High Returns for Businesses

The Orange Pill App is priced at $3.99 per month, and the advantages it offers are substantial. It goes beyond mere networking; it opens doors to valuable opportunities. Additionally, the fee plays a pivotal role in maintaining a spam-free community.

If you're seeking meaningful connections within the Bitcoin sphere, the Orange Pill App is an essential companion. It's not just a social platform but also a powerful business tool and a vibrant Bitcoin community. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the Bitcoin movement.

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